Industrial/Power Projects

BPU Nearman Creek AQCS

BPU Nearman Creek AQCS - Kansas City, MO

SUMMARY: As part of the Kansas Board of Public Utility’s commitment to cleaner energy they have approved the addition of new emission control systems using Babcock Power’s technology, along with engineering services from Black & Veatch. Foley Company, as a Prime Mechanical Contractor, is contracted to install the equipment and balance of plant piping for the various BPEI, UCC and B&V systems.

3M Junebug

3M Junebug - Clinton, TN

SUMMARY:3M purchased a 772,000 square foot distribution center to be converted into a new manufacturing facility for their southeast regional headquarters. Foley’s scope of work was the installation of the mechanical infrastructure for the new facility. The project consisted of installing a new chiller, two new cooling towers, one new packaged boiler, a DI water system, air compressors and tempered water system. The total footage of pipe for these systems is over 21,000 feet, and the condenser water system is a 36” stainless steel system.

KCI Airport Overhaul

KCI Airport Overhaul Base - Kansas City, MO

SUMMARY: Foley Company is the prime mechanical contractor, working directly with the KCI Airport Authority, for the overhaul of the entire chilled water system at Kansas City International’s maintenance and rental terminals. This project consists of demolition and replacement of 1 cooling tower, 2 chillers and 8 pumps in the existing central utility plant as well as the removal and replacement of 11 air handling units and over 12,000 feet of pipe and associated hangers, valves and fittings in three separate terminals.

CoSentry Data Center

CoSentry Data Center - Lenexa, KS

SUMMARY: Renovation of a 60,000 square-foot data center included the installation of new under-floor drainage, chillers, air handling units, CRAC units and all associated piping, ductwork and controls. As welll as testing, balancing and commissioning the equipment and systems that are critical to conditioning the areas where the data equipment is being stored.

PQ Zeolyst Silcat Expansion

PQ-Autoclave Building #28 - Kansas City, KS

SUMMARY: Installation of a new two-story structure, modifications to existing buildings, and installation of numerous autoclave vessels, tanks, bag houses, heat exchangers, burners and pumps. Piping systems included process, domestic water, natural gas, steam and condensate piping.

University of Utah High Temperature Hot Water Distribution

University of Utah High Temperature Hot Water Distribution Salt Lake City, UT

SUMMARY: Installing approximately 24,000 linear feet of pre-insulated piping. The system distributes 450º F high-temperature water to be used for campus building heating. Our work included underground piping, manholes for valve stations, piping through existing campus tunnel systems, and tie-in work at campus buildings, as well as surface restorations that included sidewalk replacement, concrete paving and environmentally friendly hardscapes.

KCPL LaCygne Feedwater Replacement Projects

KCPL LaCygne Feedwater Replacement Projects - LaCygne, KS

SUMMARY: Replacement of numerous feed water heaters ranging in weights from 40,000 to 200,000 pounds. Installations require welding, machining and heat treating of heavy-wall piping. An engineered lift plan is necessary due to the space restrictions, as well as the vessel weight.

KCPL LaCygne Environmental

KCPL LaCygne Environmental - LaCygne, KS

SUMMARY: This project includes emission control construction that meets or exceeds current Best Available Retrofit Technology standards. Foley Company is working in conjunction with several other contractors to complete various scopes of work that relate to the overall project.

>TVA Bull Run

TVA Bull Run - Tennessee

SUMMARY: The Tennessee Valley Authority approved a resolution to phase out the wet storage of coal combustion products (CCP’s), including bottom ash and gypsum, and convert the wet bottom ash and gypsum handling and storage facilities to a dry system. Foley Company, as an EPC Contractor with TVA, teamed up with several qualified subcontractors to provide and construct a wet-to-dry conversion system at the Bull Run Facility.

TVA Gallatin

TVA Gallatin - Tennessee

SUMMARY: As part of TVA’s commitment to cleaner energy they have approved the addition of new emission control systems that include both selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and flue gas desulfurization (FGD). Foley Company, as an EPC Contractor with TVA, was contracted to construct an ash handling and removal system that removes ash from the Novel Integrated De-acidification system (NID) and safely stores the ash for eventual remediation.

NNSA Honeywell

NNSA Honeywell - Kansas City, MO

SUMMARY: Relocation of plant manufacturing equipment and utilities from the Bannister Road facility to the Botts Road facility. This project included over a year of pre-planning to account for all utility services required and to ensure that all 700 plus pieces of equipment could be safely moved in a timeframe that did not disrupt the facilities production schedule.