KCMO Blue River WWTP Phase I Chemical Terminal Facilities

KCMO Blue River WWTP Phase I Chemical Terminal Facilities - Kansas CIty, MO

SUMMARY: Building of a chemical storage facility, trenching, transfer buildings, rail spur extensions and underground piping. There are over 4,250 cubic yards of concrete in this project and an elaborate configuration that ties all major structures together into one monolithic foundation. The mechanical systems include the extensive installations of Teflon lined piping and over 1,870 lineal feet of stainless steel piping.

KCMO Blue River WWTP Phase II

KCMO Blue River WWTP Phase II - Kansas City, MO

SUMMARY: Construction of a Chemical Feed Building with sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfite and polymer feed systems, modifications to the Trickling Filter odor control systems, construction of two new Splitter Boxes to split flows between all four Trickling Filters and Final Clarifiers, installation of 2,600 lf of 96” fiberglass gravity sewer pipeline, construction of two Effluent Meter Vaults, Effluent Junction Box, 18 Chemical Manholes, 4,000 lf of chemical duct banks, two 36” discharge vertical diffusion vane pumps, along with associated yard piping, electrical and instrumentation. Most structures and buried piping required shoring and dewatering systems. There were two complete plant shutdowns for piping tie-ins which required bypassing the 70 million gallon per day plant.

Fishing River

Fishing River - Kansas City, MO

SUMMARY: Construction of a new 2 million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant and existing facilities upgrade and modifications at the site of the existing Fishing River Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet the new MDNR guidelines for disinfection.

Courtney Bend

Courtney Bend - Independence, MO

SUMMARY: Addition and renovation to an existing water treatment plant that included the addition of a 6 million gallon steel solids contact basin and a 7.5 million gallon steel settling basin. This project also included the conversion of existing filters from declining rate to constant rate operation, demolition of high service pumps, the addition of a new cast-in-place concrete clear well and transfer pump station. A new 48 million gallon high-service pump station was built in conjunction with a 2.5 million gallon pre-stressed concrete ground storage reservoir and a packaged lime storage and feed system.

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark - Vermillion, SD

SUMMARY: Construction of a new 36 million gallon per day Water Treatment Plant including Solids Contact Units, two Recarbonation Basins, eight filters (2 cells per filter, each filter 18’ x 34’), chemical feed and handling systems for lime, sodium hypochlorite, aqueous ammonia, hydrofluosilicic acid, ferric sulfate, sodium permanganate and sodium hexametaphosphate, three 17 acre lime sludge lagoons, Administration and Maintenance Areas, Process Control Laboratory and associated sitework, yard piping, electrical and controls. There were several miles of piping installed along with approximately 35,000 cubic yards of concrete and a 265,000 square foot building that housed most of the water treatment equipment under one roof.

St. Joseph

St. Joseph Faraon Street Pump Station - St. Joesph, MO

SUMMARY: This project consists of rehabilitation of the existing pump station; which includes removal and replacement of mechanical and electrical systems, pumps and drives, piping, valves and equipment. Also included is the construction of a new bar screen building, wet well structure and miscellaneous other concrete structures and buildings. Modifications are also being made to the existing flow equalization basins and incoming gravity sewer systems.

Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek - Kansas City, MO

SUMMARY: Upgrades to the Turkey Creek Wastewater Pump Station include; construction of a debris removal system (a.k.a. rock box), removal and replacement of existing piping, valves and three 350 HP pumps, replacement of two bar screens and installation of two washer and compactor units, installation of new VFD’s, new transformers, switchgear, MCC’s, new radio tower, removal and replacement of the HVAC system, new PLC and controls, new VFD room constructed inside the existing pump station and miscellaneous civil work. There is approximately 2,500 CY of structural concrete work, not including the concrete paving.